Southern Wisconsin Canine Therapy Dog Association is the only American Kennel Club Recognized Therapy Dog Organization in the state of Wisconsin!


In addition to helping our communities, sometimes our dogs are a gift to us. Here are some of their stories. 

  • Finn

    Hi, my name is Finn and my mom’s name is Mary. My mom has been grieving so heavily since the passing of her youngest daughter Lora to cancer on December 31, 2020. Lora has shown my mom so many signs that she continues to be with her, but my mom was virtually frozen in grief and unable to move forward, feeling no sense of purpose or belonging.

    One day in September of 2022, Lora caught my mom looking at bernidoodle puppies on the internet and she felt mom’s joy! Through a series of events, Lora sent my mom 5 pictures of puppies. The pictures were of me and my brothers. When she saw me, she immediately knew that I was for her and that we would become a therapy dog team. It took some convincing of my mom’s wife Dee to welcome a third dog into our house. The third time I was presented to mom, Dee finally agreed, with some nudging from Lora!!

    Mom and Dee drove to Missouri to pick me up. I immediately walked up to my mom, touching my nose to her hand, I let her know that I was here to help. 
    Lora knew that mom needed me to love and care for so that she didn’t miss her so much and to alleviate some of her grief.

    As a therapy team we hope to heal through helping others. Southern Wisconsin Canine Therapy Dog Association has given us this opportunity and we are immensely grateful for all of the love and support we have received.