Southern Wisconsin Canine Therapy Dog Association is the only American Kennel Club Recognized Therapy Dog Organization in the state of Wisconsin!
In Memoriam

In Memoriam

  • Dashy

    Born in May 2014, Dashy’s first 6 years were as a female breeder at an Amish puppy mill where she spent her life in a cage. As such, when she first came to us, she was physically underdeveloped and had to be assisted to walk and climb stairs. But true to her nature, she persevered and got stronger every day, to the point where she was going on multiple walks daily and running in the yard.

    In addition to daily walks and outings, some of Dashy’s favorite activities included greeting visitors with a smile and an always wagging tail; training with her mom and classmates at the Southern Wisconsin Canine Therapy Dog Association… (much thanks to Scott and Tina for all they did to enrich the last few years of her life); supervising her pet parents as they worked in the garage and around the yard; and, most of all, naps in the big people bed with her mom and one or two of her cat cousins.

    Dashy was the light of her pet parent’s lives, but she also impacted the lives of many other persons. She played an important role in the life of her good friend Phyllis, an elderly neighbor lady, whom she would visit weekly if not daily to sit on her lap and hear her stories. Phyllis’s was the first friend that Dashy sought out soon after coming to us from Lucky Star Rescue. Phyllis will miss Dashy very much.

    During her training to be a therapy dog, Dashy had the opportunity to visit several nursing homes, the dementia & recovery ward at Stoughton hospital, and Rock County Juvenile Detention Center. Through these visits, Dashy helping patients to remember their youth and beloved pets, escape, if just for a moment, the everyday aches and pains of growing older, and, in the case of one juvenile detainee, learn that not all dogs are mean and to be feared, but can be loving.

    After graduation in May 2023, Dashy got a regular gig with a Madison nursing home where she visited weekly before her untimely demise. Dashy developed a devoted following such that residents would greet her with a resounding chorus of “Dashy!” -- much like Norm on the TV show Cheers -- every time she visited. One resident particularly touched by Dashy, suffers from palsy but when Dashy was on her lap, the tremors would stop. Dashy was also about to begin visits to the Dane County Court house to assist victims before they have to testify.

    So, it is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our beloved “peanut”, but also with tremendous gratitude for how she touched us and others over her short life.

    Dashy is survived by her mom, dad, and cat cousins Freddie and Belle.